Webflow Work Jam

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About this event

Hang with us for a few hours as we stream some jams in a virtual coworking space. We'll have audio only chat sessions scheduled as well as heads down work time with vibes provided by DJ Ray-Ray.


  • Due to increased demand, capacity has been increased to 40 people.
  • Most people work with cameras off during quiet time and turn them on during interactive parts of the event.
  • Move your avatar into the conference room to work with music.
  • Check out the other conference rooms for different topics of conversation and design reviews. 
  • We will host group chats throughout the event.
    • During the group chat we usually talk about 
      • The state of Webflow
      • No code news
      • Fun stories from the crowd
      • Show and tell 
      • Design reviews and feedback
      • Q&A and discussion of Webflow technical solutions
  • Feel free to leave music requests in the group chat and we will add them to the queue. 
  • Explore the entire map to enjoy semi private and private workspaces.
  • Keep an ear out for occasional announcements.
  • Have fun and enjoy the vibes. 

We will be using Gather.Town for this meeting. Explore their documentation here