Webflow CloneComp (Postponed)

About this event

:: UPDATE as of JUNE 2020 ::


Due to the current social climate and in an attempt to show support and solidarity, we’re postponing #clonecomp

working with our sponsors and other organizers to rethink and relaunch the event in the next month or so.

Registered participants will receive an email tomorrow.


We had a ton of fun at our April Speed Building Challenge and really enjoyed watching participants build versions of old style arcade games from Pac-Man, to Donkey Kong, to space-themed games. If you missed the event, catch the replays at https://www.nocode.video.

For our next event, the sky’s the limit. This is your chance to let your creativity soar to new heights for our 3 day CloneComp Challenge, designed to test your Webflow design skills and connect you with other top builders in the #nocode the community.

Sign-up to be notified: https://clonecomp.webflow.io
Join Slack Channel: https://join.slack.com/t/clonecomp/shared_invite/zt-dy9j8kev-CThji6XzTVLH_mpe3wS6vw

CloneComp Rules

Taking inspiration from the TV cooking show “Chopped!”, we're hosting the first ever CloneComp. It's a friendly competition designed to challenge your Webflow skills and connect the #nocode community.

Here's how it will work

We’ll release a base cloneable with instructions and shared assets at noon (EST) on Tuesday, June 9.

All participants must start with the same base project and are required to use the shared assets during each round of the competition.

New assets (secret ingredients) will be issued each day of the competition. In addition to shared assets, there will be a theme for each day of the competition in order to spark your creativity.

The themes for each day, will be sequential and build on top of each other.

Other than making sure their project includes the shared assets, participants can build whatever they want.

In order to move onto the next round, participants must submit their day one Webflow project by noon (EST) on June 10th.

To qualify for prizes and to advance to the next round, submissions should be visible in the Webflow showcase as a cloneable project using the following naming convention. (Day x | First Last Name)

In addition to the showcase, relevant details should be submitted on the official CloneComp website before noon each day of the competition. This will allow us to track submissions per participant.

At the start of each subsequent round, participants must clone someone else’s project from the prior round and will have til noon the next day to build on top of that cloned design.

Participants will once again showcase and submit their project by noon (EST) the following day. The process will repeat for 3 rounds, culminating in a round of voting and community happy hour.

Votes will be tallied based on number of likes on your showcased project, as well as number of times your project was cloned.

The competition will end with a prize party/happy hour 4pm Friday the 12th.

Like any good reality cooking show challenge, we’ll be throwing a few surprises at you along the way, so be sure to stay on your toes, and don’t get too far ahead of yourself. ‍

Please note that this event is still under development and the rules may be updated as we get closer to the start date. Please check back for updates or join our Slack channel for the latest news.