Intro to #NoCode - Becoming a Visual Developer

About this event

2020 is slated to be the year of No Code... But what exactly does that mean?

This month we'll dive deep into the #NoCode movement and talk about why it's taking the tech world by storm and how you can get in on the ground floor.

We'll define the term, introduce you to some of the leaders in the space and show you why #NoCode is going to fundamentally change the future of building for the world wide web.

Here is some of what you will learn at this meetup:

What the term no-code actually means
Understanding API's
What can you build without code?
When to use a no-code solution?
Top no-code platforms
Who to follow to learn more
Where to turn to for help

Experience level: INTERMEDIATE
Stream: NONE


BEGINNER: Low level concepts, suitable for people with all levels of technical knowledge.

INTERMEDIATE: Mid level concepts suitable for folks with basic understandings of web design, development, marketing and other web fundamentals.

ADVANCED: High level concepts suitable for professionals in the industry who have a deep technical understanding of how the web works.


WORKSHOP: These will be interactive events where you can expect to work alongside the presenters. You should bring a laptop as we will be getting hands on with whatever the meetup is addressing.

LECTURE: These events will be passive in nature and will usually be presented by the meetup organizer or a special guest. No need to bring a computer (unless you want to take notes) as these meetups will be hands off as compared to our workshop events.

DEBATE: These events will pit two or more people against one another in a battle of words and wit.


LIVE: When possible we will stream our meetups live. In addition to our in persone meetups we will also occasionally host live online sessions where we bring in members of the national Webflow community to talk about the nocode space and industry news. These events will be announced in our Facebook group as well as here on our meetup page.

ZOOM: When we do not do a full livestream, we will at least attempt to open up a zoom room with a single camera angle for people to join from a distance.

NONE: Some events do not lend themselves well to live streaming. These events may still be recorded but will not be streamed live.


Thursday, Feb 20
5:30 PM - 7:30 PM (EST)


BOLD Cowork Sarasota
1680 Fruitville Rd Sarasota34236