The 1st No Code To event supported by Webflow

About this event


Hey folks, I'm excited to announce the first No Code To virtual meetup event. This meetup group is now officially supported by Webflow, the leaders of the No Code movement. I'm one of four Webflow Community leaders for the Toronto area.

As you might know, the approach for building software products and software supported businesses is rapidly changing. The most significant of these changes (IMHO) has been the availability of amazing new tools that are empowering makers and entrepreneurs to build, test and launch new ideas without having to write a line of code.

This meetup group is meant to bring together folks interested in learning about No Code tools and techniques as well as experts who want to share their knowledge and experience with those in this rapidly growing community.

In this first meetup I'll step you through how I built a virtual school to teach Webflow classes to hundreds of designers around the world. It integrates Webflow, Google Meet, Google Calendar, Eventbrite and Convertkit.

Next we'll talk about other up and coming tools in the No Code eco system, those that extend Webflow with cool new powers. Things like the F'in Sweet CMS library and Jetboost's real-time search and dynamic filtering.