A shameless promotion of Stock, a utility-first CSS library for Webflow

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On March 2nd, we're going to brag about a library we created to build faster on Webflow and connect with other No Code enthusiasts

About this event

It’s our first No Code To event of 2021 and it’s long overdue.

This is not an excuse (it’s totally an excuse) for the delay, but we’ve been working on a side project that’s finally ready to share.

The project is called Stock, a utility first CSS library we built exclusively for Webflow. It was inspired by TailwindCSS the top dog of the utility first approach to CSS. We’ve been using utilities for about 2 years now and over time have built a library of over a thousand utility classes. We thought it was time to make it available for others to use as well, since it’s made such an impact on our workflow when building sites in Webflow.

There are loads of advantages to an approach like this, but the top one in our minds is that naming is no longer hard. Because you don’t have to name anything at all. There’s a bunch of other benefits too, easy to read class names, easy to work with other team members and super flexible sites that you aren’t afraid to edit months down the road.

To show it off, we’re hosting a little event called A Shameless promotion of Stock, a utility-first CSS library for Webflow. We’ll tell you all about how we use it to make all of our Webflow sites, share tips, tricks and gotchas and of course get a chance to meet some more folks in the Webflow community and learn about what you are up to.

If you can’t make it to the event that’s cool too. We built a comprehensive documentation site for Stock that you can find right here startwithstock.webflow.io. Be sure to subscribe for updates as we plan on adding a ton of resources with videos, courses and other cool things we’ll discover along the way and we want to make sure you know when we post it.