Designer´s Hacks for Webpages Vol.2

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Yeah! we are happy to announce Vol.2 of the Serie "Designer´s Hacks for Webpages".

About this event

Hello guys! I hope you are enjoying a nice time off this Easter and not reading too much about the "C-word" (that we won't mention, of course!) Let's have a chat via Zoom to talk about Webdesign and Webflow, grab a Margarita, a beer, or a wine glass and put your camera on!


1) Some important announcements about A Records. Hey! remember to update it in case you haven't! If you have any clue, we will talk about it.

2) We as a community

3) First Hack: The Cookie Consent by Finsweet, Chris Webcreator will give us some insights.

4) Second Hack: Adding this "I don't know exactly what but need something funny or so" to your website with LottieAnimations.

5) Surprise activity!

 If you have any questions or have trouble getting the link, send me a DM per Instagram: webflow_munich_chapter.