Designer's Hacks for Webpages, RECAP

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About this event

In the first semester of this Webflow chapter, we talked about many important topics for beginners and experts, and we have been creating a very friendly community.

Before we take a short (very short) summer break, we will make a recap of the four previous sessions: working with symbols, lotti animations, cookie consent, page speed and accessibility, 

Let's have a chat via Zoom; grab a Margarita, a beer, or a wine glass and put your camera on!

If you have any questions or have trouble getting the link, send us a DM per Instagram: webflow_munich_chapter.

Thanks, chriswebcreator, (IG @chriswebcreator) again for giving us support here!

We are happy to continue to grow this community, which is really not just in Munich but also international.

Alicia & Alisa