Member Project Workshop

About this event

While the quarantine has been extended, our determination to keep the Webflow community growing and thriving has been extended even more. That's why we're bringing our next meetup to Zoom. What's more, we're going to continue in our tradition of offering a great food experience by sending you money via PayPal to buy yourself dinner! We'll send the first 30 people who RSVP $20. Yes, I know this is crazy, but that's how we roll. You must attend to receive reimbursement via PayPal.

Note: After the February meetup, attendees agreed that the best way to move forward with the meetup is to make the best, most engaging part take up the entire session. So, excluding the Newbie orientation that occurs 30 minutes before the main meetup, the entire agenda will be to showcase member projects, to discuss the projects as a group, and to help the presenters solve issues that they are facing.

Turns out this is a ton of fun and very meaningful for all.

THEREFORE, we're providing four (4) timeslots that you (yes YOU) can register to fill. Please contact me (John Lenker) via direct message and let me know if you would like one of these slots and I'll update the agenda. Please include your project share link in your message.

Present your project for the purpose of:

- Show-and-tell
- Help with technical issues
- Ideas for creative needs
- Feedback


• 4:00 - Meet & Greet
• 4:30 - Stanley Sigalov
• 5:00 - Kaj Kjellesvig
• 5:30 - Gabriel Leake
• 6:00 - Rachael Thomas
• 6:30 - Wrap Up and Adjourn

We look forward to seeing you next Thursday on Zoom!

We're limiting this to 20 people for now, but if you don't get in, PM me and I'll see what I can do.