Supercharging the Webflow CMS with Airtable

Copenhagen Webflow Meetup
Mon, Jan 18, 7:00 PM (CET)

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A user-driven job board A lead-driving calculator An intelligent contact form ...and more 100% custom designed applications. This is what's possible when integrating Airtable with Webflow. In this meetup Thomas Christensen will introduce the possibilities of Airtable and Emil Villumsen will share the ins and outs of the Webflow CMS, its short-comings and when it makes sense to use Airtable.

About this event


Hello all Danish Webflowers šŸ‘‹ We hope everyone is well into 2021.

This time around we're doing a mashup event with our friends over at the No-Coders MeetUp group to dive into the development of more complex sites using Airtable with Webflow.

Emil Villumsen will share the ins and outs of the Webflow CMS, and afterward, we'll explore the specific use-cases that unlock when a user can submit a form on a Webflow site (ie. a job posting), and we can display that data back to them immediately (ie. on a public job board).


1. Introduction

2. Overview of the Webflow CMS and what it does

3. How to send data between Webflow and Airtable (public job board sample)

4. Best in class examples from the wild

5. Discussion

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Keeping it corona friendly =


Webflow is well suited for building more complex sites because the Webflow CMS is a HTTP JSON API, which means we can programmatically add, update, and delete items via tools like Zapier. For example, it allows us to connect external data sources, like Airtable, to our sites without code.

Airtable is basically a spreadsheet-database hybrid, with the features of a database but in a simple spreadsheet. So it's well suited as a backend to add interactions and complexity to a Webflow site. It's also gaining a lot of momentum in the no-code community and has emerged as a core tool in no-code operations.

This event is a mashup event between Webflow Copenhagen & No-Code Denmark.

Since this is a mashup event we'll make sure to serve information that's useful to both member groups; No-code users will get an introduction to the Webflow CMS and how easy it is to spur a beautiful custom design up without writing a single line of HTML or CSS. Webflow users will get to know the SaaS Airtable and broaden your possibilities of delivering powerful solutions inside Webflow.

So join in for our presentations and following discussions for a casual and informative no-code afternoon. See you there!


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