Getting started with Webflow - Webflow UI

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Get introduced to the basic concepts behind HTML & CSS, the box model, the Webflow designer UI and more.

This is a 2 - day Workshop, where we'll start to explore the webflow User interface and help you build your ability to use the Webflow designer tool.

Day 1 - Webflow UI, will entail the following:

1. Intro to the Webflow designer -
You'll learn your way around the Webflow designer tool.

2. The Canvas -
You'll learn how to visually interact with elements in a project on the Canvas.

3. The Navigator -
We'll explore how to arrange elements in Hierarchy, select and move elements inside the Navigator.

4. Keyboard shortcuts -
You'll learn the various keyboard shortcuts to improve your workflow with Webflow, making you as quick and efficient as possible.

Questions, Answers and feedback.

PS: zoom invite links will be sent all to members who RSVP to join the live workshop.

see you inside.


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